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Chai-sutta vendor standing outside office ask clearance of his dues must be part of exit formalities

11, Jun 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Pravin Tambe, a Chai-Sutta vendor standing outside Manyata Tech Park says attrition has big-impact on the bottom line of his business. He says many techies do not settle their outstanding dues pending with him while leaving the campus looking for green pastures outside.

If prices keep increasing, Chai-Sutta couple may break up

“Whether it is deliberate or due to forgetfulness, I do not care. Kyon ki kat ta toh meri hi hai. Why the IT companies cannot include clearance of our dues as part of the exit formalities?”, said Parvin Tambe while speaking to us.

Pravin added, “We do not play any less role in the success of the IT sectors. Rain, Sun, Mid-night or early morning, round the clock we keep our shops open so that techies do not miss out on this ‘vital’ nutrition needed to keep them motivated to work for long hours”.

“Over the weekend our suttawalah association had a meeting. In the memorandum we submitted to NASSCOM, we have asked them to implement this change across the sector otherwise we will ask Government to make a data base with Aadhaar linked so that these ‘defaulter’ techies are caught even if they jump from one campus to other. If Government do that, it would be huge embarrassment for the techies who still hide to smoke. The mouth fresheners cannot save them anymore, they would be ‘exposed’ due to Aadhaar”, said Pravin.

Pravin says this has impacted his CSR initiatives. “Earlier I used to I waive of certain amount for techies who lose jobs or get hikes for namesake only. Due to these ‘defaulter’ techies I have stopped doing this”.

When we asked how he tracks employees like those in HR teams who comes to office once every season. He said, “I know such people. Un ke liye khate mein entry nahin karta hoon. Unse advance mein paisa leta hoon”.