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Chain smokers moving to Delhi to save money after hearing that breathing there is like smoking 40 cigarettes

04, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: A large number of chain smokers from around the country are moving to Delhi after hearing about the heavy smog in the capital. As per reports, breathing in Delhi is like smoking 40 cigarettes a day, with the ever increasing prices of cigarettes, smokers are seeing it as an opportunity to save money.

A beautiful smog filled day in Delhi

As per reports, Delhi is experiencing the worst smog in 17 years. Some schools have been shut down to protect kids from this air and Chinese government has criticized Beijing residents for letting Delhi beat it in pollution levels.

“A 20 cigarette pack costs me 250 Rs and government is going to increase tax on cigarettes. This habit has become a huge financial burden on me and I am unable to quit despite my best efforts. Then I read this report that breathing in Delhi feels like you are smoking all the time. In fact, it is like you smoke 40 cigarettes a day, which is a daily saving of 500 Rs, monthly saving of 15,000 with the current rates and this saving is only going to increase”, 25 yrs old Arjun told Faking News while explaining the rationale behind his move to the city.

Another recent arrival in the city, Sourabh said,”Maybe this will finally help me quit smoking. I won’t be lighting any cigarette as I will be smoking all the time just by breathing here. I quit smoking, while still smoking technically, I save money, and my body still gets all the smoke it is used to, this is just a total winner for me. Delhi is where I will be staying in the foreseeable future.”

Heavy smokers aren’t the only ones happy with the pollution levels in the capital, Air purifier sellers were seen popping open Champagne bottles every night for the past few days.