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Chaiwala outside office gate surprised to find two techies talking to each other are not bashing their manager

13, Dec 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Prakash, a tea vendor outside electronics gate no 3 noticed something which is so uncommon in front of any IT park. He found two techies who were during their chai pe charcha for an hour and not cribbing about their manager.

Prakash gave us little bit of insight what happened on that day. He said “Sir, I am running this shop for last fifteen years. I feel proud that my small little place acts as rejuvenation center for these over stressed techies. Whenever they get time, they will come here, bash their manager, feel little relaxed and then they will go back to their cubicle.”


He added, “Here were two techies, who seemed so unusual in their behavior, that’s why I noticed it. They looked perfectly normal, like their biradari, they lighted kings lite and ordered couple of masala and ginger teas. They were talking on anything, everything under the sky, but were not bashing their manager.”

“I have seen if techies come in a group of four or five, they don’t crib about their manager. Probably they will not be sure if one among them is a chamcha of their manager and things might get leaked out, so all will be conscious. But here they were two only and spent a good amount of quality time in front of my shop,” said Prakash on why he felt unusual.

When we asked Prakash they might be HR team members who might have over stayed at office and they would have come to your place for a change. He said, “Sir, Itna saal ka experience hai mujhe. From discussion I can find who is what. These two talked about some ‘nall pointer exception’, HR team baat nahin karte hain iske upar. Moreover, one or two from HR team will not come for tea, whenever they come, they come together as a group looking completely stress less as if there is no work pressure for them.”

Later we came to know these two techie’s manager has resigned and company top management has told them, being senior members they need to own the project and deliver on time. If they do that, both will be considered for managerial role for their next project.