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Chaos at an airport terminal, with the signboard Free Wifi Zone misspelled as Free Wife Zone

01, Oct 2017 By RT

New Delhi. Terminal 3 in IGIA has seen absolute chaos when a signboard was fixed for a brief two hours with a glaring spell error. The ‘Free Wifi Zone’ at the bar restaurant read ‘Free Wife Zone’ in the signboard. Gentlemen who had never visited any restaurant, with a bar attached, rushed to get a table, with the free wife sitting beside, it is learnt by Faking News.


“We did not realise the mistake at first. When the first customer asked for a shot of gin and tonic along with the free wife, we got totally confused. The customer was seen smacking the lips and eagerly waiting for the order to be served. We all know how good a shot of gin and tonic can be but this was something else. The old man was expecting for more without blinking his eyes when he kept looking even after the drink was served” the restaurant manager told Faking News.

“When we asked him will there be anything else, hoping for a snacks order, he simply asked that his free wife to be brought to the table. ‘Free what?’ the waiter actually blurted out before gaining composure again. The customer pointed to the WiFi board asked for a free wife. The waiter smiled and told the WiFi password but the old man was not impressed. ‘Woman, where is the woman?’ he kept on screaming” the manager further added.

“And then every new customer started asking for the same. The drink order was different from a customer to the next but the demand for the free wife was the same. Everyone was pointing out at the free WiFi signboard. That’s when we finally figured out something was wrong. When I walked up to the signboard, I saw the free WiFi was spelled wrongly as ‘free wife’ with the word wife highlighted colourfully”, the restaurant manager finished with a chuckle.

The restaurant management apologised to all the customers, waived off the entire alcohol and food bills and gifted them with a free WiFi device, to settle the confusion, it is learnt by Faking News.