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Helmet made mandatory for passengers at Chennai Airport to avoid injuries from falling glass

01, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chennai: Chennai Airport has become the first Airport in the world to make helmets mandatory for every passenger passing through the airport. This decision was taken to stop people from getting injured due to the falling glass panels from the ceiling.

Chennai Airport
A regular sight at Chennai Airport

In past 4 years, 66 cases of falling glass panels have been reported at the airport and finally authorities have woken up. To ensure passengers stay safe and nobody gets injured, authorities have made helmet compulsory inside the passenger terminal.

While people boarding from Chennai will be required to bring their own helmets, people coming from outside will be provided helmets before landing. Those helmets will be collected back at the exit. The ground crew working at the airport will have to bring their own helmets daily.

A senior official working with Airport Authority of India said,”So far nobody has been injured in these incidents of glass panels falling on the ground. However, there were some concerns raised by the passengers that what if a panel falls on their head. As an organization committed to passenger safety, we decided that we must address their concerns and immediately issued this order of making helmet compulsory.”

When we asked what happens if a flying piece of broken glass injures someone on other body parts, the official said, “That is a negative attitude you are taking. We are confident that the glass will hit them directly on the head only. In case we see that flying pieces of broken glass is also a problem then we will make space suits compulsory while flying to and from Chennai. If they can keep astronauts safe, they can keep these guys safe. The problem of falling glass panels has been resolved, trust me.”

Not satisfied, when we asked him why can’t they stop glass panels from falling down, the official asked,”Glass panels are falling down because of gravity, how do we fight mother earth?”