Chennai auto union shares helpline number; asks to call if any auto driver agrees to run on meter

06, Jun 2019 By dasu

Chennai: After receiving complaints about few auto drivers charging fare as per the meter reading, the city auto association came up with a helpline number 1158.


“If you see any of your colleagues are running auto by switching their meter ON, just give us a call. We will cancel their license immediately”, P Murugan, Chennai auto association president said while addressing auto drivers.

“We can not allow these ‘pay and hire’ taxi services like OLA and UBER to break our age-old tradition. We believe in making ‘interaction’ with the passenger, settling the amount post the trip. Even when my in-laws come here, I do not make any exception”, told Mr. Murugan.

“A person has travelled the distance; he knows how much effort we have put to bring him to the destination he wanted. Instead of charging as per our experience, a ‘Sarkari Babu’ sitting inside his air condition chamber decides the auto fare and we are forced to follow that. What logic is it?”, told Karunakaran, another auto driver from Chennai.

Looking at the way Chennai autowalahs extract maximum from customer, many IT companies are calling them as visiting faculty for training their sales folks. “A lot to learn from them. We should do a hard bargain like they do and get as much as possible from our customers”, said Narayanswamy, founder of a IT company.