Chidambaram guides CBI into the secret interrogation room as he had more knowledge of the building than CBI

29, Aug 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. Chidambaram has been in the custody for the last 4 days now as CBI starts interrogating him in the INX media case. It came as a big irony to many that it was Chidambaram who had inaugurated the new CBI building when he was the Home Minister.


Chidambaram has the blue print of the building inside his mind and he will never forget it. It came to good use when the CBI was confused as to where to interrogate him inside the premises. CBI spent 4-5 hours in finding out a secret room for interrogation but all in vain.

Then stepped in Chidambaram who showed them the path to the secret interrogation room. The room has all the latest facility and Chidambaram made CBI officers aware of all the tools and devices kept there. He also knew all the speed dials to be used from the phone kept inside the cell.

CBI is very grateful to the help provided by Chidambaram and has promised that they will try to go a little soft on the former Home minister during interrogation. We will try to bring the latest happenings in the Chidambaram case as and when something substantial pops up.