If Chidambaram is allowed to stay at CBI office which he had opened, I should be kept at Kingfisher office: Mallya

22, Aug 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. Hours after the dramatic arrest of former Union Minister P Chidambaram, a video that was in wide circulation showed him at the opening of the very building where he was kept in custody last night.


Chidambaram’s adventure last night has inspired Vijay Mallya to request the government to keep him in Kingfisher office. Kingfisher office was opened by Mallya and he ran the big empire from there.

Vijay Mallya has written a letter to the CBI asking them to keep him in Kingfisher office if they bring him to India. Mallya is aware that his days abroad are numbered and soon he might be brought to India. We cannot deny the fact that Mallya is technically correct and every citizen should have the same rights as Mr. Chidambaram.

It would not be surprising if Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi come up with similar demands in the future. To stay away from entertaining such requests, the CBI should shift Chidambaram to a common and not so privileged office. Rumors are that Chidambaram knew the office so well that as soon as he and the officers entered the building yesterday, he was guiding them to the interrogation room and not vice versa.