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Child disappointed after visiting guests ate all the samosas served to them

24, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: 11 yrs old Shashank was left disappointed earlier today when the Sharma family visiting their house ate up all the samosas served in front of them. This meant Shashank didn’t get any samosa to eat as his mother generally gives him the samosas left in the plate after the guests leave.

Not even one survived
Not even one survived

Mr. and Mrs. Sharma, old friend of Shashank’s parents came to their house for the evening tea and really enjoyed the snacks served in front of them, not realizing that they are breaking a child’s heart by finishing them.

“I was so happy when I heard that guests are coming over today. When mom asked me to get samosas and rasgullas from the market to serve with tea to the guests, I was delighted. There was more ras in my mouth than in the Rasgullas. Sadly, the Sharmas ended up eating all of them leaving nothing behind for me”, Shashank said.

“I had asked mom to let me have one but she said we should serve guests first and I can have all the leftover ones. What leftover, ek tukda tak nahin chhoda ji. I had no faith in Mr. Sharma, his huge tummy gives away the fact that he is a samosa monster but even Mrs. Sharma disappointed me. 3-3 kha gayi gapagap kar ke”, Shashank added.

Shashank’s mother acknowledged that the story is true and their friends indeed ate every last morsel of food served to them. “Who knew this would happen? We thought they will take one samosa and rasgulla each after we insist a lot and then leave the others alone. Here we didn’t even insist, I just kept the plates in front of them and they attacked the food like Virat Kohli attacks Australian bowlers.”

Shashank is now planning to ask his parents to take him to the Sharma house next weekend so that he can have his revenge by eating everything served in front of him.