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Child disappointed when visiting relatives gave him only 10 Rupees while leaving

12, Jan 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: 10 years old Chintu was left bitterly disappointed when his maternal uncle and aunt gave him only a 10 rupee note while leaving after a 2 weeks stay with his family. Visiting relatives giving some money to kids in the house is a long standing tradition in these parts and Chintu was hoping for at least 100 Rs each from his uncle and aunt both if not 500 Rs, but eventually ended up with just 10 rupees.

A disappointed Chintu thinking what to do with 10 Rs

Speaking to Faking News, a frustrated Chintu said ,”Better not to have relatives than have misers like them as relatives. Throughout their stay, I acted so politely with them. I turned on my cute charm and entertained them. Got them whatever they needed, didn’t throw any tantrum in front of parents to show what a nice kid I am and what do I get for all that, 10 rupees? Can’t even buy a Kinder Joy with this.”

Furthermore, he added ,”I should have got the hint that they won’t give anything for me when they never left any biscuits for me after tea. As per tradition, my mother had instructed me that first I should let the guests have biscuits and any biscuits left would be mine. But throughout the two weeks, I never got any biscuits, all they left in the plate was some crumbs.”

When asked if there might be something he did to offend them during their stay, Chintu said ,”Na, I don’t think it has anything to do with me. I have thought about it and I think this must be the work of Modi Ji’s demonetisation. Nobody is carrying around any large denomination note with them any more. Just 10-20 Rs are left in everyone’s pocket and maybe that is why they gave me such a low amount.”

Chintu is now asking his parents for a mobile phone so that he can download mobile wallets and start accepting online transfers from the next set of relatives to visit.