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Child kidnapped in Delhi, Kidnappers ask father to find location of working ATMs as ransom

07, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: In a sensational case of crime, 6 yrs old Guddu has been kidnapped in broad daylight in Mahipalpur area of Delhi. Guddu went outside his house to play when 2 bike borne men kidnapped him and escaped from the spot. However, what makes this case special is not the daylight kidnapping, it is the ransom that has been demanded. Kidnappers have asked Guddu’s father to find out all the working ATMs in the area and share the locations with them within 6 hrs.

A familiar sight in India

Most of the ATMs have stayed closed since the announcement of demonetization of old 500 and 1000 Rs notes. Even the few working ATMs have long queues in front of them and 90% of the people return empty handed as cash gets over very quickly. Finding a working ATM with a short queue has become more difficult than finding a gap in Rahul Dravid’s defense.

“Guddu just stepped out to play after school when they picked him up. Shortly afterwards, they called on my phone and told me their demands clearly. They need a list of all the ATMs in a 10 KMs radius circle that have a queue of less than 10 people. I have to prepare this list and share it with them within 6 hrs”, Guddu’s father said while holding back tears.

“I haven’t been able to find a working ATM to withdraw money for my personal expenses but now have to do it for my son. I asked kidnappers to take money from me, any amount, via cheque or paytm but they said that they are not robbers, they only need working ATMs”, he added.

When we asked him if Police is helping him with the case, Guddu’s father said,”Oh yes, Police has been most helpful. They are the ones checking for working ATMs in North and East directions while me and my family check South and West.”