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Child requests rain God to make it rain every morning so that he can skip school

11, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 11 yrs old Akshay Kumar is not happy with the rain God these days. The reason is that it never rains during the time when Akshay has to leave for school so he is struggling to use rain as an excuse to skip school. Either it is raining at night or after he has left for school and that is totally useless for him.

Dark clouds
Akshay wants these clouds to open up exactly at 7 in the morning

Now fed up of waiting for the rain God to get his timing right, Akshay has made a request to the God to time the rain every morning at 7 AM so that he can use it as an excuse to avoid going to school. Akshay is a decent student and always gets good marks but somehow, the idea of going to school every day bores him.

“It is not that I don’t like school, I do. However, I don’t like the teachers and all the notes they make us write. I was banking on Monsoons to give me at least 2 days off every week but it has really disappointed me. Either it doesn’t rain in the morning or there is such light rain that mom puts a raincoat on me and sends me to school. I like real heavy rain, like the rain in which Raveena aunty was dancing in Tip Tip Barsa song. Only then mom will let me stay at home to ensure I don’t get ill after getting wet”, Akshay told this Faking News reporter.

“Worst part is that it rains so heavily every night that I start dreaming about an off day but when the time comes to go to school, its all dry. Then it rains again once I reach school, just to make fun of me. That is why I have made a direct request to the God, make it rain at 7 AM. If he can’t do it every day then even alternate days will do. Just one favour. In return, I will be a very good boy and won’t bother my parents at all, sounds like a fair deal to me”, Akshay added.

After that we decided to leave Akshay alone with his homework and left his house and it immediately started raining once we stepped outside.