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China ‘strongly dissatisfied’ with President Mukherjee not asking his cook to prepare Chinese dishes even once per month

24, Dec 2016 By dasu

Beijing: After China came to know that Indian President has strong disliking for Chinese food, it has written a strongly worded letter showing its dissatisfaction over it.


Chinese foreign office spokesperson, Jung Tuang, while speaking to us said, “We feel like India is testing our patience. First your president meets our bête noire Dalai Lama in Rastrapati Bhavan in spite of our multiple warnings. Now some of our newspapers report, your president during his lunch meeting with Dalai Lama said Chinese food is unhealthy because it contains Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). It is like disrespecting and questioning our core business interest, that is to spread our food and substandard goods across the world.”

Over the years, Indian cooks love to use this flavor enhancer also known as Ajinomoto during their Chinese food preparation without knowing it’s harmful effects. “We never asked anyone to use it. Our cooks here in China hardly use this. It is because your cooks do not know how to prepare authenticate Chinese food, they add this to mask their incapability. That’s the reason we send our cooks whenever our dignitaries visit your country,” said the Chinese spokesperson.

“If head of your country behaves like this, what respect your people will have for our food. You do not have to go far, learn something from your immediate neighbor who has sold its heart and soul to us,” said Chinese spokesperson adding why it will continue opposing India’s NSG bid, UN ban on Masood Azhar till qayamat se qayamat tak.

When we asked Rastrapati Bhavan spokesperson, “Does our president really find Chinese food unhealthy?”. The spokesperson said, “He is India’s president. He can say whatever he wants to say. Hum Gulam Nahin Hai Kissika. Regarding food, he wants to explore all the dishes in a vast and diversified country like ours offer. As you know he has hardly one and half years left to complete his term. In this short period, we sincerely doubt he will be able to cover all the signature Indian dishes only.”

Our sources say, Indian President found Tibetan food as an alternative option is quite healthy. India is planning to give special discount to those who opt for Tibetan food inside Chinese restaurants.