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Chinese Army leaves India after seeing Gobhi Manchurian

21, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Indo-China border is one of the most intense borders in the world. And due to recent developments near the border the things are heating up. Despite being on a weaker side, India has managed to push away Chinese troops from India & Chinese troop after seeing Gobhi Manchurian and Soyabeen Chowmein left its bases and returned to China.

According to Major Ashok Gogoi, a group of Chinese troops entered India for patrolling and visited some part of Sikkim. Where (according to locals) they came across dishes like Gobhi Manchurian, Soyabeen Chowmein, Paneer Momos & Chinese Samosa. They got shattered after seeing what India is doing to the chinese culture. They realized it’s better to run from here. If they can do this to their culture then think what India can do to Chinese troops.

Chinese Army Chief, Major Mari Jaan Sungh gi, in a press conference confirmed the news of Chinese troop returning and said “Our troops didn’t return after seeing Indian Army, they returned only to inform President Xi Ping about Indians defaming China world over”.

President Xi Ping condemned this and warned India that next war with them will be because of their disrespect to Chinese cuisines and culture. Xi Ping also has asked US to intervene. Indian army is confident of US President not intervening in it since Indians have equally destroyed US culture too. Indians have made Burgers, Vada Pav or Dabeli.

Food can end any fight but will food begin new fight between India and China? Keep reading Faking News to know more.