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Chinese dogs who entered India during Yulin festival to return to China during Diwali

19, Oct 2017 By itsmihir1993

India and China have not shared a warm bond in the last few weeks following the Doklam stand-off. However, dogs in China have shown clear signs that boundaries made by humans will not stop them from travelling to India. Having entered India to escape culling during the Yulin festival in China, the Chinese dogs are all set to return to their country to escape the exceeding noise pollution caused in India during Diwali.

The dogs had earlier entered India to escape the brutality of the Chinese during the Yulin festival. Unhappy with the communism and authoritarianism in China, the dogs decide to seek refuge in India. Their Indian counterparts had warmly welcomed them and allowed them to share the land and other resources for survival.

Indian dogs soon realised that the refugees are digesting their areas and claiming it as theirs. “We are grateful that Diwali is just around the corner. The Chinese dogs will not be able to tolerate the noise pollution, which will make them return to their country. We are immune to high decibel levels as we have experienced it for years,” said an Indian dog.

The Chinese dogs, on the other hand, are planning to return to India after Diwali. “There is no freedom in China. If we live in China, we will die. Nobody listens to us and we are forced to respect the government for its decisions, what they may be. If few don’t do so, we get lynched,” said a Chinese dog.

The Indian dogs are making efforts to convince their Chinese counterparts that the situation in India is no different, and that returning to India after Diwali will not help them much. The Chinese dogs are, however, planning to disguise themselves as cows and return to India so that their rights are valued more than human life.