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Chinese restaurants remove the word China from the name after the ‘Boycott China’ messages online

07, Oct 2016 By RT

New Delhi: Chinese restaurants across the country have removed the word China from their name to stay in business against the ‘Boycott china’ wave in the country. After China supported wanted terrorist Masood Azhar at the UN, there was a campaign on Facebook and WhatsApp to boycott Chinese products that is slowly gathering momentum.

Even he is planning to change the name

“In India, we have several restaurants of Chinese cuisine in all the major and minor cities. Almost all of them have our country’s name as part of the restaurant’s name. Mainland China, Island China, Downtown China, Inside China, Chinese r us, This China and That China, you name it! Now, they will simply be mainland, downtown and inside”, a restaurant owner told faking News.

“Removing the name of the country was not easy. As we said, it is a borderline decision – one which became necessary after the recent developments in the WhatsApp groups, inviting Indians NOT to buy Chinese crackers for Diwali. It will not be long before some other bored guy will start spreading messages that say ‘Stop eating Chinese food!’ We just want to be prepared for the eventuality”, he further added.

“For some restaurants, we had to replace the name with another word to stay relevant. Hell, we never spent this much time preparing our recipes. Earlier, we used to give Chinese food which looked like Indian food. Now, we will prepare Indian food which tastes like Chinese. Name change or not, it will be business as usual for us”, the restaurant owner sounded confident about the Indian eat out market.

When we asked if the quality of the food will stay the same or not, a leading chef said,”Oh yes, our Chinese food will still not taste like the Chinese food they eat in China, same as before.”