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Chinnaswamy stadium's pitch curator asked to make Bengaluru roads, pothole free flat roads expected

24, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: Fed up with constant criticism of potholes on Bengaluru roads, Karnataka state government has come up with a plan to eliminate all potholes from Bengaluru roads. The contract for the roads in the state capital has been give to Chinnaswamy stadium’s pitch curator, Mr. Narayan Raju. Government hopes that this step will finally ensure flat, smooth roads across the city.

Now potholes in Bengaluru will be history

Chinnaswamy’s pitch has long been compared to a road by commentators and bowlers alike. Several bowlers have even faked injuries and considered premature retirements to avoid bowling on that surface.

Speaking to Faking News, Bengaluru development minister KJ George said, “There were many complaints about potholes on Bengaluru roads recently. I advised the drivers to learn driving suitable for pothole filled roads but I was criticized for that so we had to really do something about the potholes. I saw some of the IPL matches in Chinnaswamy this year and the pitches there were smoother than any road I have seen in Bengaluru so this great idea came to my mind.”

“Mr. Raju doesn’t have to build all the roads himself. He can just be a supervisor as our regular contractors carry out the work under him. We have told him to make roads on which not just Kohli, but Stuart Binny can also make 100s. We are confident that he will help us in this noble task of making Bengaluru a pothole free city”, Mr. George added.

When we asked Mr. George whether there is any proposal to ease the traffic jams in the city as well, he replied, “Traffic jams of Bengaluru are a huge tourist attraction, why would we want to remove them?”

Meanwhile, many bowlers playing in the IPL have requested Bengaluru road contractors to make the pitch at Chinnaswamy stadium. “Only then can we get some rough to bowl to and make things difficult for batsmen”, a leading leg spinner playing in the IPL said..