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Chudails and Aliens feeling left out of the IPL controversy

15, Apr 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. With Bollywood, glamour, politics, international affairs, domestic affairs, personal affairs, underworld, business, brands, bakchodi and a bit of Cricket into it, IPL has appealed to almost everyone in India and abroad, but a section of media-savvy chudails and aliens are not impressed. These poor souls can’t understand why they have been selectively left out of the whole controversy when they could only have made the whole affair even more spicy, sleazy and murky.

“Come on; just imagine if those MRF Blimps are accused of being some UFO or martial spacecraft put there to spy on earth people! Doesn’t it make the whole situation even more mysterious and with international appeal?” asked Mangal Srinivas, a Martian, appealing passionately to everyone involved in the whole affair to include aliens in the controversy.

Aliens like playing Cricket
There is a widespread belief that Aliens like playing Cricket, and they could have a secret stake in some IPL team

Aliens believe that of late they have not been given the kind of attention they deserved even though movies like Avatar and District 9 were hit last year.

“It’s the Maoists who are getting all the limelight in Avatar style, but when are we going to get our share?” asked a visibly disturbed Mangal, who insisted that IPL must allow aliens to play a role.

“ZooZoos can also be considered as an alien conspiracy to woo human beings into believing that Aliens can be funny and harmless.” Mangal said when asked what other ideas he had over bringing the alien angle into the ongoing controversy.

“All we need is to tweet. Who cares about proofs and facts?” said Mangal, divulging his strategy to bring the alien angle into the whole picture, but rued the fact that no Alien had joined Twitter yet.

Similar sentiments were echoed by chudails (witches), who accused television journalists of dumping them and their clan, even though they were the original TRP grossers for them.

“If not us, at least they could have brought some baba (godman) angle into it. With so many babes into this controversy, I’m sure there might be some baba involved too.” said Bandramukhi, a chudail, who has close relations with ichchhadhaari baba.