Cigarette sales on the rise as youngsters try to beat the stress of No Smoking resolution

28, Feb 2016 By Santosh Pradhan

Delhi: Just like every year, No smoking resolutions were again topping the charts on 1st of January but the records show that cigarette sales have actually gone up recently. Youngsters were finally valuing their lungs, although liver for them is still an ignored organ. Social media and WhatsApp statuses were flooded with anti-smoking messages and resolutions.

Highest selling poster every New Year
Highest selling poster every New Year

While all these sounds very encouraging, it is shocking to see the rise in sale of cigarettes across the nation after the New Year eve. Some blamed it on increasing population, which continuously increases the number of new smokers. Some even blamed the increased number of outlets selling the nicotine stick which results in increased access for the youth.

However, the actual data revealed by the Tobacco industry shows that the people who took the difficult resolution were the ones responsible for increase in sale. A survey was carried out which revealed that youngsters are so stressed out in their pursuit of clean lungs, that they have actually increased their smoking. This showed that the smoke released per sq. meter in India is on a rise due to the New Year resolution.

“Every time I see the ‘No Smoking’ poster on my work table, I go out to smoke a cigarette saying to myself that this is the last one. I even watched No Smoking film as well hoping that this film will help me quit but that film gave me so much stress that I ended up smoking a pack during the film”, a 27 yrs old Nishant told us. Nishant is among the millions who had “Quit Smoking” as their resolution for 2016.

However parents, girlfriends, in-laws, nonsmoking friends have promised that they will not force their near and dear ones to take up the anti-smoking resolution next year.

Meanwhile, Cigarette companies are promoting the no-smoking campaigns, knowing that such campaigns will eventually result in more smoking.

*Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, QUIT!