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Cigarette seller outside IT park solves the ‘null pointer exception’ problem of a techie

12, Jan 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Cigarette seller Murugan sitting outside Bagmane Tech Park solved a critical bug that was disturbing techie Sharath Kumar for last one week. Sharath who was not getting any clue how to solve null pointer exception problem, got the help from someone he would have never dreamt of.

A cigarette vendor sets up his shop in a market in New Delhi

Speaking to Faking news, Murugan said, “Sharath Chetta would often stand here alone with a sad face. He will smoke at a stretch two to three kings light. Looking at him one can easily understand there is something which is bugging him from deeply inside.”

Murugan added, “Other day when no one was around, I asked him, Is there any recent breakup issue, Chetta? Initially he avoided my questions and after couple of cups of strong tea, he opened up. He told me, he is new to his client located here and he must submit his code asap. This nagging null pointer exception is killing him and his client manager has given him strict deadline to close it within this week, else pack your laptop from here.”

Immediately Murugan looked for his rough note book which work as ledger book for his tiny shop. Murugan told Sharath, “This is nothing new. At least hundred techies come here and talk on this peculiar problem every day. I showed him the notes which I noted down when few days back one senior techie was giving gyan on this issue to a bunch of interns he brought along with him here.”

The best way to avoid this type of exception is to always check for null when you did not create the object yourself …blah blah blah

Murugan’s pointers worked for Sharath. Ecstatic Sharath who was planning to cancel his ticket booked for Sankranti holidays hugged him. On the board Murugan has written the languages he knows like Kannada, Telugu, Tamil. Sharath added one more line for Murugan, “Proficient in C & C++”.