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Cigarette vendor hired as a 'Memory Coach' by an MNC

05, Jul 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: A Bengaluru based MNC has hired the cigarette vendor sitting outside the office building as their new ‘memory coach’. The decision was taken after the company’s directors observed the cigarette vendor in action one day. They were impressed by his ability to remember the cigarette brand of each and every customer coming to his shop. Not just the brand, the guy even greeted all his customers with their first names.

Paan wala
Even elephants give example of a paan wala’s memory!

The cigarette vendor will train all their employees and will help them improve their memory. The company expects a huge upswing in productivity after this training exercise as the employees will be able to remember their duties well.

Explaining the decision further, one of the company’s directors said ,”Our office staff can’t even remember to punch their attendance and this guy manages to remember the favourite cigarette brand of hundreds of customers. he had the cigarette out even before the customers could take the name of the brand they want. This is truly remarkable and we would like him to share his secret with our employees. We offered him a lucrative package coupled with ESOPs and we are glad that he has accepted. Hopefully now our employees will finally be able to remember what they have to do in the office.”

Further, he added ,”Earlier I used to send reminder emails to our staff to remind them about the pending work but that wasn’t too helpful because they would say that they forgot to check their emails. I created WhatsApp groups for every department but later I found out that everyone except me has muted those groups. Now this memory coach is our last hope. Hopefully he will be able to improve some things around here.”

When we asked the cigarette vendor the secret of his amazing memory, he said ,”Sir these customers are coming to give me their money, in such cases you automatically remember the person and the reason why he is giving you the money. On the other hand, if someone was coming to take money from me, even I won’t remember anything.”