Citizens in a Bengaluru locality come together to join the potholes to make it a big lake

26, Aug 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: Due to encroachments Bengaluru has lost its lake city status years back. In a bid to restore the ‘Lake City’ status group of Bangaloreans from Gottigere area came together to create a new lake in their locality by connecting the potholes present there.


While talking to us, R Venugopal who headed the team said, “It was not so difficult for us. Just in ten days we have created this big lake you see there in the middle of the road”.

While showing some pictures of the state of the road before lake idea was conceived, he said, “Potholes in our area were so big, there were few Reva car owners who lost their cars in those potholes. It was a big problem for us”.

“After few days of study, I noticed, there is hardly any land available between potholes. I suggested the youngsters of our area, why not remove this little bit land pieces that is obstructing the potholes from joining with each other. My idea everyone liked and joined me, here you see the result”.

When we asked Mr. Venugopal, what about road, how people will commute, he laughed and said, “When there was any road here? With the lake and boat facility we have put, it is far easier for commuters to cross our area now”.

While showing a board specifying this lake is dedicated to BBMP, Mr. Venugopal said, “I must thank BBMP staff in nurturing these potholes, never allowing them to face unnatural death”.

BBMP road engineer and contractor are angry because after every monsoon, they used to temporarily repair the road to get their ‘commissions”, now it is stopped. “Ok, we are doing fish farming in the lake. Even if BBMP does not give us money, we will be able to maintain it”, told Mr. Venugopal.