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For citizen's safety Bengaluru potholes will be painted Green, Yellow or Red looking at their depth and size

03, Oct 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) skipped yet another deadline it has set for itself.

“BBMP commissioner promised city will be pothole free within ten days. What is the situation of our roads now. The potholes that were of small size, now many of them have grown to large, extra-large or double extra-large sizes. In addition, with every passing shower we do get new bunch of potholes of various sizes”, said Ashwin Prasad, a city based potholes activist.


BBMP for a change has realized it is high time they have to stop making these kinds of hefty promises. While speaking to us, BBMP commissioner Mr. Manjunath Prasad said, “We do understand potholes are inevitable. It’s as a natural process like we grow beard or lose hair as we grow old”.

“What we have thought about is having an eco-system where potholes and citizens can exist peacefully. One of the idea that came to our mind is to paint the potholes with colors like Green, Yellow or Red looking at the depth and diameter of the potholes. A pothole of 3 feet or less size with total storage capacity less than 1 KL of water will be marked green. These are safe for people even for kids above five years age. Not much damage will happen to motorists or pedestrians if they fall on these”, said Mr. Manjunath on the logic they are using to mark the potholes.

He added, “Yellow marked ones will be those who are 5 to 10 feet diameter with water carrying capacity of 5 KL. Red ones are the most dangerous ones, if kids fall inside them, those who knows swimming can only cross it. Red ones will be painted such a way they will be visible even when it is dark or street lights do not work. At least from ten feet you can see it”.

“It’s a good initiative. Though many in the city do not care about traffic signals, but I am sure they will ‘respect’ pothole markings because of the danger they pose to their life and vehicles”, said Ashwin Prasad.