Wednesday, 26th February, 2020


Civil Service aspirants protest against Jagan Mohan Reddy's decision to have 3 capitals for Andhra Pradesh, say 'do not increase our syllabus'

13, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

Jagan Mohan Reddy met PM Modi in Delhi today and among other things, the proposal to have 3 capitals for Andhra Pradesh were also discussed. Sources say that Jagan Mohan has almost got his proposal through and it is just a matter of time for his state to have 3 different capitals. The news has not gone down well with Civil Service aspirants who are preparing for the prelims scheduled to be held in June.

Many vented their frustration on social media and requested PM Modi to not go ahead with the idea of 3 capitals. “How ridiculous this entire idea sounds. What purpose will it serve other than increasing the headache of hardworking students like us,” questioned a Twitter user.upsc exam civil service

“We have a hard time mugging up the state capitals. Hyderabad was supposed to be joint capital of Telangana and AP. Now Mr. Reddy says he wants 3 capitals for Andhra. This is so unfair,” lamented another.

There were other who were already getting ready for protests to somehow get their leaders to listen to them. Placards with the words ‘Hum kagaz Dikhayenge aur Dekhenge‘ in a apparent reference to copying in exams, were seen in the hands of those getting ready to participate in the protest. “If the CM goes ahead with his plan, we too have a backup plan. We will share answers. There will be mass copying we are not responsbile for it.” said an aspirant in a threatening tone.

Sources say that PM Modi has taken cognizance of the issues face by students and will be releasing a book called ‘UPSC Warriors’, a sequel to ‘Exam Warriors’.

UPSC Warriors will help aspirants to not just crack the prelims, but it will also help them deal with exam pressure. The book is expected to be released just before the prelims.