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Class XII student starts studying 18 hrs a day after hearing about IIT Goa

26, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Jhansi: 16 years old student of class 12th, Sanjay Vashishth, has started studying 18 hrs a day after the announcement of an IIT in Goa. Sanjay, who earlier spent time only with his phone and laptop has removed the dust off his books and started studying hard ever since he heard that he can go to an IIT in Goa.

IIT, Now available in Goa

“I was never much of a student, I preferred playing Counter strike and surfing the internet to studying but now that I hear about an IIT in Goa, I am motivated to study. I always wanted to go to Goa but my parents didn’t let me go. However, now they will be delighted to send me to Goa for 4 years after I crack the JEE”, Sanjay told Faking News.

“4 years of drinking cheap beer, spending time at glorious beaches, and staring at western girls, this is more motivating than SRK’s speech in Chak De. I will get into that IIT or die trying, there is no middle ground here”, Sanjay added.

Even Sanjay’s parents were surprised with the change in Sanjay’s attitude over the past few days. “Earlier he used to sell his books to buy video games but yesterday he sold his video game to buy more books. This is extraordinary. We aren’t quite sure what has motivated him but we are glad he is taking his studies so seriously”, said Mr. Vashishth, Sanjay’s father.

Sanjay’s mother, who was also present there joined in and said, “He hasn’t set foot outside his room for the past couple of days so I am a bit concerned about his health but if he gets into an IIT, the rest of his life will be easy so we have to take that into account. It will also be easy to find a girl for him to marry once he becomes a famous IITian.”

When we asked Sanjay which branch of engineering interests him the most, he asked us, “Which branch will teach me how to make my own beer?”