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CM Devendra Fadnavis proposes new tourism model in Mumbai: “Why go to Venice when our own streets are waterlogged?”

07, Jul 2017 By itsmihir1993

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis proposed the new tourism model in Mumbai yesterday after heavy rains lashed the city, causing massive jams and waterlogging in most parts of the city. Comparing the streets of Mumbai to the waterways in Venice, he said in his address to the media, “I am also in talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to change the name of the city from Mumbai to Venicepuri because we have brought about a huge development by simply changing the names of places across India ever since getting elected in 2014.”


He also lauded the techniques used by BMC to store rain water so that it can be used later to help the drought-hit villages, if there’s any supply left after using it in IPL matches. “Every year, we dig roads so that the potholes can store rain water in them. Moreover, by not repairing large potholes, we also ensure that commuters who fall into them learn to swim by swimming out on their own.” He further added that champion swimmer Micheal Phelps comes to Mumbai before every Olympics to practise swimming in these potholes.

Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray was upset after a UP man fell into the pothole. In a media brief, he said, “This is exactly how people from UP and Bihar are snatching away the opportunities from our Marathi people. A Marathi manus could have brought us an Olympic gold in swimming but these people just won’t let us progress.”

A resident of Ghatkopar was all praise for the BMC. He said, “My nephew has come to Mumbai for the first time to enjoy his vacation. I had promised him that I would take him to the beach to show him the Arabian Sea. However, the rain waters have entered my house and I need not take him to a beach now to show the sea.”