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CNR Rao, the other Bharat Ratna recipient, inspires 2 guys to become scientists

04, Feb 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. CNR Rao, the eminent Indian chemist and scientist, who was the other recipient of Bharat Ratna besides Sachin Tendulkar, inspired a total of two youths across the whole nation to become scientists.

Despite the figure being alarmingly low when compared with the number of youths inspired by Sachin, scientist community is quite happy with addition of two new diehard fans of science.

CNR Rao & Sachin Tendulkar
CNR Rao, on the left side of your screen.

“I am feeling excited and proud that I succeeded in inspiring a couple of young men to join comparatively less glamorous field like Chemistry. This happiness is no less than happiness of getting Bharat Ratna,” said a visibly happy CNR Rao.

Shriram Santosham and Kedar Pawar are the two brave youth who took the risk of being inspired by a scientist. They are confident of their decision paying off in the long run, apart from being selected for President’s bravery award next year.

“It wasn’t easy to ignore Sachin, SRK, and other similar personalities, but well, someone has to do this,” said Shriram on being asked about his brave decision, “I want to serve my nation, and it’s my way of achieving that goal. Although it’s less hip and cool, but still.”

However, Kedar’s reason of getting inspired was somewhat different.

“I was so thrilled to see him getting Bharat Ratna that I was getting goosebumps. All of a sudden, electrons, protons and neutrons started fascinating me and I felt some chemical locha. When I told my friends about that, they started laughing, and that convinced me that my feelings were genuine and right,” disclosed a chemically happy Kedar.

Meanwhile, Faking News tried to know why CNR Rao failed to inspire more than two persons in a country of billion plus mortals.

“It’s really tough to remain inspired by CNR Rao Ji for too long. There is no 24X7 coverage of Chemistry experiments and no panel discussions on news channels about chemistry research papers. Such a low media attention is the biggest block between me and Chemistry,” said Bittu, a class 12 student of Delhi Public School.