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Cockroach found in Air India flight meal had frequent flyer status reveals investigation 

05, Feb 2019 By @jurnoleast

An Air India passenger who was all set to dig into his in-flight meal was in for a rude shock after finding a cockroach inside the meal box. The image of the cockroach inside the box drew sharp criticism from many on social media who admonished the airline for it’s lax hygiene standard.


In it’s defense the airline said that it regretted the incident and is doing everything possible to ensure that passengers have pleasant experience on the flight. Speaking on the incident an airline official said, “We have taken cognizance of the particular passenger grievance. The meal box was immediately sent for investigation. In fact the findings would be shared with the media shortly.”

Our sources reveal that the caterer who supplies the meal box has washed his hands off the incident while pointing out that they follow world class practices. The airline too gave a clean chit to the caterer.

In an effort to find out how the insect landed in the meal box, the airline sent the semi-conscious cockroach for lie-detector test. The findings revealed that the cockroach enjoyed a frequent flyer status and traveled to around 30 locations within the country and 5 overseas.

On this particular occasion the insect was famished and entered the meal box for a quick bite. But soon entered a food coma and dozed off only to be discovered by the passenger.

The airline has said that it has strict guidelines for insects which they say will now become stricter after this incident. The possibility of revoking frequent flyer status is also under consideration to ensure that such incidents are not repeated.

Many rats and cockroaches have denounced the revocation and are planning to go on dharna as a mark of protest.