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With cockroaches guarding food in pantry, vegetarian traveler ask IRCTC 'are you sure the food you served me is 100% veg'

30, Oct 2016 By dasu

Manu Agarwal, a business man from Kolkata was travelling to Bengaluru by train. He was livid looking at the hygiene maintained inside train, particularly inside pantry car.


“After having dinner, I went to pantry car to purchase couple of water bottles. Looking at the condition of the pantry car, I was shocked. Was asking myself, is this the place someone would cook food? The walls were so dirty as if no one has cared to wash it for years. Bunch of lizards, rats and cockroaches were playing hide and seek game. Hardly in five minutes I spent there looking for the water boy, some of those cockroaches climbed on my feet,” said Mr. Agarwal to a co-passenger sitting next to him.

“At noon when the catering staff came for order, I was pleasantly surprised when they told me now a day’s there are plenty of options available inside train. As I am a pure vegetarian, he asked me whether I would like to have pure veg thali or a Jain thali which comes without onion & garlic or new extra-healthy diabetics thali. I chose veg thali. Now after spotting so many cockroaches, lizards, ants, how can I believe the meal they served me is pure vegetarian type,” said Mr. Agarwal

The catering manager was telling me, “Sir, do not be upset, our staff is very vigilant. Most of the time we remove these unnecessary entities before we serve the meals to esteemed customers like you. Sometimes we do miss, as you know, for that we are heavily penalized.”

Mr. Agarwal was candid when he told, “I am travelling by train after few years, was hoping things would have turned for better. It seems after two years of swachh bharat abhiyan, additional cess in this regard, nothing much has changed, except perhaps the high price we pay for tickets as well as food inside train”

“Mr. Prabhu, I can understand it would take herculean effort to clean the pantry cars, but why the chain tied to mugs inside toilets cannot be increased so that it reaches the spot for which it is intended,” said Mr. Agarwal