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‘Cold & Cough’ patient pays two lakhs for ultra-hygiene napkins he used to wipe nasal discharge

22, Nov 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: After Gurugram hospital created some sort of record by charging 18 lakhs which included cost for 661 syringes and 2700 gloves used in the treatment of a seven-year-old girl suffering from dengue, a patient from Bengaluru suffering from cold and cough was charged two lakhs under the head, “ultra-hygiene napkins” which he used to wipe nasal discharge during his stay at the hospital.


Manish S, who was suffering from cold due to season change and high pollution level. While speaking to us Manish said, “I was ok with cold and cough. It was manageable. After my girl friend told me, I am not coming to your place till you are fine. I went to a nearby hospital for quick recovery”.

“Thought any doctor from OPD would be ok. But looking at my situation, the receptionist suggested I should meet a specialist. Doctor recommend series of tests. After going through the reports and my office insurance card, he suggested I better get admitted for three days. Few Follow up tests they wanted to do and to keep me under close observation”, said Manish.

“Today morning after Doctor allowed me for discharge, called one of my colleague from office to help me in discharge procedure. The huge shock for me was, when Hospital asked me to pay 2 lakhs, the amount insurance people rejected as it is not covered under my insurance plan. It was for the ultra-hygiene napkins I used to wipe my nasal discharge which was heavy for sure for first two days”, said Manish who showed one such napkin sample he was using while talking to us.

Hospital desk shared with us a written reply, “We have followed the standard medical protocols as prescribed in this case. At every stage Mr. Manish and his attendant was kept informed. As you can see in the feedback form the patient has given us good ratings on every parameter”.

Manish claims his feedback was taken 24 hours before his discharge. After paying 2 lakhs, Manish was looking for another feedback form.