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Coldplay concert in Mumbai faces political heat, MNS denies forcing the band to open the concert with ‘Zhingaat’

19, Nov 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: The Global Citizen India’s mega event that is scheduled to be held in Mumbai on 19th November is facing political heat after few politicians expressed their opposition to the concert and asked for its cancellation.

Chris Martin
Chris Martin singing Zhingaat

Sources say the concert faced opposition due to the entertainment tax waiver it received from the Maharashtra Government. However, many believe that the reason is beyond just ‘tax waiver’.

There were speculations that party workers from MNS were pressurizing the organizers to open the concert with the song Zhingaat from the popular movie Sairaat. Speaking to Faking News, a source from the event organizing committee said, “A few people who claimed to be from a political outfit did approach us and asked for a particular song to be played. When we showed reluctance, they threatened to get the event canceled.”

“When we told them that it won’t be possible for Coldplay to learn Zhingaat song at such a short notice, they asked us to cancel the event and organize one with a band that can play this song”, he added.

Reacting to this, MNS Chief Raj Thackeray said, “Kai Challay Kai He (What is going on). Every time there is  news about some artist or concert being banned, media trains its guns on us. Our opposition is only for Pakistani artistes. Does the name Chris Martin sound Pakistani to you?”

Meanwhile, Coldplay isn’t taking any chances and Chris martin was heard practicing the lyrics of the song to ensure the event goes ahead without any disruption.