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Comic Sans font is absolutely delightful, says Arundhati Roy

26, Oct 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Srinagar. Noted fiction writer and anti-brevity activist Arundhati Roy has gone a step further in supporting ideas that are largely unpopular with the common masses. In her latest assault, the various rights activist has supported the “right to exist” of the casual computer script typeface Comic Sans, which is largely disliked for its aesthetics by designers and artists. Ms. Roy has termed the font as “absolutely delightful”.

“The font is a treat to the eyes,” the once Booker Prize winner said, releasing her 94,000 words essay typed in Comic Sans MS and printed on A4 sized paper (produced after razing trees belonging to tribals) in support of the font. “It’s a conspiracy by the Corporate and Hindu-Zionist groups to discredit the simple font,” she claimed.

Arundhati Comic Roy
Arundhati Roy also released a wallpaper of herself on the occasion

To understand the conspiracy theory better, Ms. Roy appealed everyone to read her essay titled “Beauty lies not in the files but in the folder”, where she passionately builds an argument that the real worth of any matter (idea, statement, activities, etc.) is not its “content”, but the “location” (place and time) where it is exhibited or displayed.

“In such a scenario, how does it matter what font one uses?” she asked as she brandished a placard with “Free Kashmir, you fools” written in Comic Sans font at a press conference here. Kashmiri separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani and his supporters appeared to be clapping on the occasion, making a sound similar to the applause.wav audio file found in the Microsoft Office clipart.

Even though people were yet to read her essay, reactions to Arundhati Roy’s latest “controversial” statement had started coming in thick and fast. Thousands of people had tweeted about her statement hash-tagging it with #facepalm, while many demanded ban on Arundhati Roy herself.

“How can it be a Hindu-Zionist conspiracy? We’ll be absolutely outraged if Vedas or Ramayana was printed in Comic Sans by any company,” noted and outraged US based Hindu leader Rajan Zed argued.

“There is definitely a Hindu-Zionist conspiracy,” a Dalit thinker said, “but Ms. Roy has got it all wrong. It was a Hindu-Zionist conspiracy to introduce the font in the first place.”

“Unlike other handwriting resembling fonts, Comic Sans letters don’t touch each other,” the Dalit thinker explained, “It was done to promote untouchability.”

Arundhati Roy has welcomed further debate on the topic even as she declared that soon she’d come up with another statement to help India become intellectually far superior, her self-started mission.