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Commerce graduate remains unexcited about 31st December, says will celebrate New Year night only on 31st March

31, Dec 2015 By sameer mahawar

New Delhi: While the whole world is lost in the celebrations of welcoming 2019 on 31st December as New Year night, Ishan Aggarwal, a B.Com (H) merit holder from Delhi University seems to be unaffected with all the chaos surrounding this event.

3 months to go for Commerce graduates to celebrate New Year
3 months to go for Commerce graduates to celebrate New Year

Ishan, being a commerce graduate, has decided that he would celebrate New Year only on year end closing i.e. on 31st March.

On being asked that why he is not joining his Engineering and Medical stream friends for the New Year celebrations, Ishan said, “We accountants follow the Financial year system and not the Calendar year system. Yearly Financial Statements are also drawn on 31st March. So for us New Year eve falls on 31st March itself. Moreover, these engineers already have a very bad record regarding dates, so it’s wise not to be with them else they will spoil my dates too. Those morons keep 1024×648 as their New Year resolution, see how thick-witted they are. ”

“I have absolutely no plans for 31st December; I am just worried about provisions and adjustments to be made in the quarterly statements. I don’t know why these guys are incurring New Year expenses 3 months in advance,” added Ishan while tapping index finger on his head.

Sources disclose that when his friends added him in a WhatsApp group named ’31st ka kya plan hai’ he firstly asked whether it was ’31st March or December’. After getting 2-3 abuses in reply and clarification that it’s 31st December, he immediately left the group.

When Faking News reporter glanced around The Calendar found in Ishan’s room also shows April as 1st and March as last month of the year respectively.