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IT companies in Bengaluru asked to replace programming languages with Kannada or face action

08, Aug 2017 By @jurnoleast

Bengaluru: After asking banks staff to learn Kannada within 6 months or quit the job, Karnataka Development Authority (KDA) has asked IT companies in Bengaluru to replace all programming languages with Kannada for face action.

Many IT companies in the city received an email from the authority stating that henceforth only Kannada language should be used for software coding.

The news was met with a lot of anxiety and confusion from employees, many of whom were from other states and not familiar with the local language.

Mitesh Verma who hails from Delhi and has been working with Infosil Technologies for the last  5 years in their Bengaluru campus, spoke to our reporter and said, “As it is the IT industry is going through a rough phase with so many layoffs. I thought I’d join a bank just for job security. But KDA has given a 6 month deadline there too. There is no job security anywhere.”

There were also reports that outsiders are being targeted and they are at the receiving end of language war.

Memes were also found circulating on social media that read ‘Brace Yourself…. Kannada is Coming’.

KDA however denied having any role to play in all this and said that the latest act was handiwork of some anti-Kannada elements.

IT companies are not taking it lightly and are planning to meet the CM later this week to get an assurance that programming languages will be exempt from the states policy to promote local language.