Companies seek data from streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hotstar to check if employees are spending too much time watching web-series

30, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

In a effort to keep a tab on activities of employees, Companies are now seeking data from streaming platforms like Netflix and Hostar to check is employees are binge watching web-series.

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After lockdown was announced a few weeks back, many employees have been working from home. With no way to check daily activities of employees many companies were in a fix.

There were also reports that staff across several companies were in holiday mode. Some using the their time at home to relax while others were binge watching the latest series. Old classic DD serials like Ramayana and Mahabharata being re-run were also a distraction for those working from home.

Netflix has reported an exponential increase in the subscription of its popular 199 plan since lockdown.

Insiders say that data related to how much time was spent watching a web-series is being sought by companies from major streaming platforms. This will help employers to check in productivity was affected in any way and to take appropriate action.

This however did not go down well with many employees who called it invasion of privacy.

“First they ask for our travel history. And now they want to check our watch history. This is getting out of hand. This snooping is affecting me more than the coronavirus itself,” said an employee working for an IT company.

There were others who weren’t too concerned. “Mai toh office mein hi webseries dekhta hu ghar pe nahi. Office me acchi bandwidth milti hai. Why should I waste my data when I get it for free at my workplace,” revealed a bank employee.