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IT company awards 'employee of the year' to an engineer who completed an entire project with code from Googling

05, Jan 2017 By RT

Bangalore. Kumar, a resident of r.t.nagar in the garden city, has won the coveted employee of the year award for the year 2016 from an MNC IT company. He had completed an entire project using code taken out from Googling, his CEO told Faking News.


“Most of our employees use Google as the most trusted source code provider. In fact, we have stopped storing our source code in any kind of source safe. Our team of coders find any code from Google faster than they can find it from our own servers”, the CEO tried to keep it as non-technical as possible while explaining about software code to Faking News reporter.

“All the companies’ employees do that. But, only a few like us openly admit it. You know what? Even Google employees use the search engine to get code for their day-to-day coding. We heard a rumour that most of the new products from Google are completely done from the Googled code. We now believe that. One of our own has proven that a complete project can be completed using only Google as the source code provider”, he further added.

“In the acknowledgement section of all our software releases, we have instructed the teams to add Google’s name in the first place. Our company’s official home page is Google. And to extend our complete gratitude, we are now awarding the employee of the year award to Mr. Kumar”, the CEO finished his monologue and left, as is the common practice with top executives.

Faking News reporter left wondering, it would not be long before the readers will find out that most of the articles published in the site are derived from excessive Googling!