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IT company bans powerpoint presentations after sales manager spends an hour explaining 'Thank You' slide

20, Apr 2017 By @jurnoleast

A major IT company in Bengaluru today issued  fatwa against powerpoint presentations and banned its usage for all presentation in the company after a sales manager spent an hour explaining ‘Thank You’ slide.

thak you

Sources say that Ajay Sukumar, the sales manager was presenting the annual sales figures to the senior management when the incident leading to the colossal wastage of an hour took place. Company sources say that Ajay didnt have anything spectacular to present which made him spend almost an hour on the final slide of his presentation. “Yes it’s true. I was part of the meeting and from the start itself I had a feeling that something wasn’t right. The ppt had eye catching graphics with little content,” said a colleague.

“Ajay had used all the clip-art and font styles that powerpoint allowed and made sure that the focus wouldn’t be his dismal sales figures,” he added.

The company has since banned employees from using ppt for presentation and also set up a committee to investigate Ajay’s case. In a striclty worded mail, the company asked employees to refrain from using ppts and also threatened to shave off the head of any employee who breaks the rule.

Senior HR manager, Rajan Verma said, “These ppt’s don’t serve any purpose. No one is anyway paying attention. Doing away with it with it will frankly save a lot of time.”

Speaking on those who break the rule he said, “We have hired a barber specially for that purpose. If we find any employee even casually checking out powerpoint, out barber will do what needs to be done.”

Interestingly, around a year back the same company had made ppts compulsory for all official communication making many to believe that the latest move might not be taken seriously. “I don’t know whats up with these guys. Last year they made it compulsory and now its banned. I remember a colleague who quit last year sent his resignation as a ppt. I am not sure if they’d really ask us to stop presentations entirely,” said one employee on condition of anonymity.