Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


IT company to conduct surprise checks to find out if their employees are really 'working from home'

20, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

In a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus, most IT companies have given employees the option of working from him. However there has been a shocking decline in productivity in the last week. This drop is not limited to just one company. The entire sector is plagued by this problem.

To deal with this issue, the Association of IT Companies has asked all its members to conduct surprise visits to check if employees are doing justice to the ‘work from home’ policy.

A few checks reported some shocking revelations. Sources say that may IT employees who claimed to have been working from home, were in holiday mode. Many of them were caught having afternoon nap during the checks.

“They are supposed to put in 9 hours of work, jut like how they do in office. Bu it seems many are taking it lightly. At one such surprise raid, we found one of our employee enjoying an afternoon nap after binge watching a popular web series. Is this what we pay them for. If things do not improve, this will affect their appraisals,” screamed the CEO of one of the  largest IT services firm in the country.

Other companies too have now instructed the HR to go on surprise visits and report back any employee who is found misusing the Work from Home option.

One HR Manager that our reporter spoke to said, “I am also working from home, but not misusing it in any way. In the last two days, I have drawn around 50 rangoli’s and decorated all the rooms in my house. My productivity has not suffered, why can’t everyone be like me.”

A few companies are also reaching out to streaming platforms such as Netflix to extract data on which employees spend more time watching web-series.