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Company serving inedible food in office canteen to reduce the time employees spend eating

28, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: In a bid to improve productivity in work space and reduce the time employees spend inside office cafeteria, a Mumbai based IT company has drastically reduced the quality of food served in their canteen. This decision was taken after a consultant hired by the company submitted a report stating that a lot of potentially productive time was wasted by the company’s official in eating.

Such good food reduces productivity
Such good food reduces productivity

Not only the taste, the food has been made visually unappealing as well so that the employees take one look at the food and return to their seats and continue working. As per the estimates submitted by the consultants, this is supposed to improve the productivity by as much as 27.54%.

“In this very competitive market, we are always striving to make ourselves better, to push our productivity higher. Therefore, we hired these consultants to let us know where we are going wrong. After going through their report, we found that an average employee spends as much as 20% of his time inside the office canteen. Itna khaana kaun khaata hai? Now we couldn’t directly tell them to stop eating so much as that would have been rude and unprofessional. Hence, we instructed the canteen contractor to drop the quality of food that was being served”, the admin manager of the company said.

“The contractor was also very happy with this suggestion. He immediately thanked the consultant and promised us that he will make food so inedible that nobody will take more than a bite. With empty bellies, employees won’t sleep after their lunch as well. Now we expect very high productivity and a great increase in revenue after implementing this simple step”, the admin manager said.

Meanwhile, they are also thinking how to stop people who bring their own food from sitting for long inside the canteen. The consulting firm has suggested the idea of ‘Air stinker’ inside canteen to make it impossible to sit there for long. However, the idea hasn’t been implemented yet.