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IT Company to use sleeper bus service as office cab, becomes 1st company to provide ‘Work from bed’

09, Oct 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Bengaluru based reputed IT Company, Info Systems, recently upgraded its office cab fleet and introduced full sleeper buses so that employees can have a comfortable journey while commuting to office. Now since the sleeper buses were spending a lot of time in Bengaluru traffic, the company has introduced the concept of ‘work from bed’ for its employees.

Now commute comfortably!

“Most of our employees spend close to eight hours in a day on Bengaluru’s pothole filled roads. Like the shock-absorber of vehicles, their backs get tested every minute. We thought if they come to office in a more relaxed way, it will be better for their health. That is when we thought about introducing these sleeper buses for them, they can be a lot more comfortable during the time they spend in traffic jams ”, said Praveen T, head of transport department of Info systems on the reason behind introducing such buses.

Mr. Praveen added “Now that they will be very comfortable during the journey to and from office, we thought why don’t we utilize this time productively. That is when the idea of ‘work from bed’ hit us. They can have their rest during the journey, but along with that, they can work on their laptops as well. All office facilities like Wi-Fi, printers, copiers, tea, coffee etc will be made available on the bus. We have plans to add restroom inside buses as well to make our employees life little more comfortable”, Mr. Praveen added.

When we asked is this facility available for all employees. Praveen said, “To control cost this facility is right now available for those for who are working on projects. People on bench have anyway developed strong backs due to all the sitting they do on a bench without support, so they do not need this facility.”