On complaints of foul smell cops raid engg hostel suspecting rotting dead body, find pair of unwashed socks instead

08, Feb 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

Ambala, Haryana: A Police party raided a local engineering hostel today after rumors of a dead body in hostel started circulating. However, the raid proved unfruitful as all that the police found was a few pairs of socks in the room in question.


Speaking to Faking News after the raid, Police Inspector Shyam Singh said, “For the past few days, people in the area were complaining to us that there is a really bad smell coming from the hostel. Initially we told them that it is usual during the winter season as the practice of taking a bath stops in hostels during this time. However, for past couple of days, the complaints were really pouring in. Some people started suggesting that it could be a dead body and the smell could be coming from the rotting corpse. That is when we decided to look at it seriously.”

“After investigating for hours, we finally located the hostel room where the smell was coming from. The room was locked so we had to break it open with force. As we suspected initially, there was no corpse and it was just a bunch of socks. Our 3 constables fainted in this daring operation but we finally managed to remove all the socks and burnt them at the local crematorium,” the Inspector added.

As per sources, the student who lived in the room has been absconding since then. He decided to leave the hostel once he saw Police entering his room and has been missing since.

The hostel warden has come out in defence of the student. He said, “Who will wash socks and touch water in an engineering hostel during winters? I know people nearby may be having some difficulty due to the smell but soon, they will get used to it. Look at me, I have been a hostel warden here for past 15 years and now I don’t smell anything. My sense of smell has been wiped out after a couple of years of living here.”

Meanwhile, after looking at the police raid in the hostel over smell, some students were seen asking the hostel guard for the directions to the bathroom.