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Con-woman posing as South Mumbai resident caught after she was found speaking in fluent Hindi

13, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

A woman in her forties, who posed as a South Mumbai resident and cheated several establishments, was today nabbed by cops after she was found speaking in fluent hindi.


Boutiques, restaurants and jewellery shops from the city were all victims of her con. Cops have been on the lookout for her for several weeks but failed to nab her.

It was the presence of mind of one city jeweller and the swiftness of Mumbai police that finally led to the arrest.

While speaking to Faking News, the jeweller said, “She looked every bit a South Mumbai resident. Latest iPhone, a cup of Starbucks in her hand and fake American accent. So there was no reason to doubt her. But somewhere during the conversation, a few words on Shudh Hindi slipped through her mouth and her facade collapsed. That’s when I alerted the cops that this could be the con-woman everyone’s been talking about.”

Cops did not immediately arrest her but instead tracked her movement to make a water tight case.

CCTV footage was also monitored to keep a check  on the places and people she visited. “Apparently she visited Mira Road in a couple of times last week. Forget traveling to Mira Road, do people from the town even know if it exists. That added to our suspicion,” remarked a senior police officer.

Cops also revealed that this is not the first case of its kind. A few months back, cops nabbed a woman with a similar modus operandi.

“Now this woman claimed to be a big businessman’s wife but when we enquired about her occupation, she said that she worked in a bank. It is a known fact that such a woman is an architect, social worker or a fashion designer. Who works in a bank. It was rather easy for us to nab her,” said a cop, while patting his own back.