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Concerned footpath dwellers asking if Salman Khan will promote Race on Mumbai roads

07, Jun 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Eid is just around the corner and as always, it is accompanied by a Salman Khan film. This year it is the highly anticipated 3rd film of the Race franchise as Race 3 hits the cinemas. The promotions for the film are in full swing and one particular section of the society is looking at these promotions with a lot of concern, Mumbai footpath dwellers.

“The name of the film is Race and there is Salman Khan so we are a little worried”, said a footpath dweller from Bandra, “The shooting of such films happens abroad so that didn’t worry us at all but now promotion is happening in India and that has worried us a little bit. Now there is no Kapil Sharma show either to promote the film so producers may decide that the best place to promote Race is on the roads and then what will happen to us.”

“Just as a precautionary measure, we have moved as far away from the road as possible but now Mumbai rains are here so it becomes hard to differentiate between the road and the footpath for a driver because they are equally flooded. On top of that, if someone is racing then it can really end badly for us”, he further added.

Meanwhile, Arbaz Khan has requested Salman Khan to finish Dabangg 3 as soon as possible so that he can get enough money to bet during IPL 2019.