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Congress hopes to woo millennials, manifesto promises ban on nonsensical TikTok videos if voted to power

02, Apr 2019 By @jurnoleast

The Congress party today released its election manifesto and among other things promised to ease the pain of millennials by banning nonsensical TikTok videos.

cong manifesto

While addressing a gathering of senior leaders and party workers, President Rahul Gandhi presented the manifesto and made it clear that his manifesto for the coming elections could be summarized by 3M’s – Modi, Minorities and Millenials.

Rahul promised to  undo the damage done by Modi, ensure a secular environment for Minorities and finally hopes to do a huge favor to the nation and millennials in particular by ridding them of the menace of TikTok videos.

Sources say that Rahul himself drafted the proposal and once voted to power it wouldn’t take much time to get rid of TikTok.

“There is unemployment in the country but our youth is busy playing around with these videos. If India has to become a superpower we must ensure that they are gainfully employed and not indulging in time wasting activities. Not to mention the security threat due to its Chinese origins,” said a senior Congress leader.

When questioned about the feasibility of the claim, the leader said, “The promise made by Congress was as good as an oath. Jab Rahulji ne ek baar committment de di toh koi  unko nahi sunta. I mean woh kuch ki bhi nahi sunte.

Earlier in the day while presenting the manifesto Rahul said, “Mujhe bhi aate hai aise videos. Mai bhi ek millenial yuva hu. Aapka dard mai samajh sakta hu. Congress ki sarkaar ek TikTok mukt desh layegi.

Political analysts say that this could be the game changer as millennials constitute a major chunk of the electorate.

Meanwhile, BJP has commented on the manifesto and said that it doesn’t offer anything constructive and is an exercise in futility and just shows Congress’ desperation. A party spokesperson also said that Rahul Gandhi was keen on banning TikTok as it carried videos of Rahul Gandhi’s which were being shared on social media for being comical.