Had Congress been in power, I would have asked Corona to delay its spread in India by few weeks so that lockdown could be planned properly: Rahul Gandhi

03, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

Rahul Gandhi has come down heavily on the Center for its handling of the lockdown, which left many poor migrant laborers in a difficult situation.

Unlike his earlier criticisms, this time around Rahul even revealed how he would have handled the situation had Congress been in power.

While speaking exclusively with Faking News, he said, “You see our Govt has always believed in dialogue. We feel every issue can be solved by having a one on one conversation. We have in the past resolved many issues like that, including Kashmir issue with Pakistan. So I would have asked Coronavirus to delay its spread in India by few weeks so that migrant laborers had some time to get themselves in a better position. ”

“Unfortunately, Modiji doesnt think that way. He immediately announced the lockdown without once trying to speak to coronavirus. This has led to panic among people,” he added.

Speaking about panic, Rahul also took jibes at PM Modi for his 8pm address to the nation while announcing the lockdown.

“Every time he comes to address the nation at 8pm, the country finds itself is a terrible situation than it was before. I can only feel for patients with heart condition when PM says ‘aaj raat bara baje se‘. Did you see anything like this during the Congress rule,” he questioned.

Meanwhile, BJP did not give out any official response to Rahul’s latest statement. An party insider however revealed that the party has taken cognizance of Rahul’s comment and Home Minister Amit Shah is still figure out the chronology.