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Considering the techie comes from Whitefield, manager sets only expectation for him is to reach office on time

05, Sep 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Kasirajan G, a techie working for a US based MNC has been set a tough ‘expectation’ to meet in next one year. He has been asked to cross the hurdle of huge traffic bottlenecks that throws up in the stretch from Whitefield to BTM layout gleefully and report to office on time.

During annual appraisal process, which completed recently, Kasi and his manager, Umesh sat down together to set the expectations for next one year. Umesh after coming to know that Kasi is staying in Whitefield told him, “Kasi, I know the route you are using daily for office commute. I do not want to unnecessarily increase your burden further. If you can reach office on time, that would be good ‘enough’ for me.”

Kasi after hearing this expectation was in shock. He requested Umesh to re-consider this as he didn’t want to be judged against something which is next to impossible. “Unlike my other colleagues, I have never asked for onsite opportunity, neither I have complained about the meagre hike I got. Why you are choosing me to meet such a huge challenge? Traffic is not in my control for that matter beyond anyone’s control,” said Kasi.

Umesh told Kasi, “I have to set some expectation for you. You cannot have zero expectation which only HR team members can have. Moreover, our HR policy clearly says every expectation should have a target against which performance can be evaluated. When HR policy states everyone is supposed to come to work from 9 AM, how I could have set some target which is not compliant with company HR policy?”

Umesh assured Kasi, “This is just expectation, mid-year we will review and correct it if needed. Moreover, who says I will rate you on this expectation only. Relax, just do your job. It’s already 5:30PM, leave for the day, otherwise you will reach your home well past midnight.”

Kasi’s eyes were filled with tears on hearing Umesh’s kind words which is so rare. He assured Umesh, come whatsoever he will come 1 hour before and leave one hour after to beat this ‘tough’ expectation.