Monday, 6th April, 2020


After constantly listening to coronavirus caller tune, man develops coronavirus like symptoms 

12, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

In the first recorded case of coronavirus transmitting from phones to humans, a Mumbai based man developed flu and cold after constantly listening to coronavirus caller tune.

The 30 secs caller tune, with starts with a man coughing and then proceeds to educate people about safety measures against the disease, has been playing across all telecom networks since last few days.

Speaking to Faking News, the businessman said, “As part of my work, I need to talk to hundreds of people on a daily basis. Each time I call someone, I have to spend some time just listening to the caller tune. And there is no way one can turn it off. I have listened to the tune at least 500 times, to the extent that I started feeling feverish yesterday. It didn’t take long for full-blown corona symptoms to show up. I blame the telecom company for putting me through this misery.”

The telecom company has washed its hands off the case and said that it is just following the Govts directive. A team of doctors is looking into the case, and a report will be shared with media soon.

Our reporter spoke to in-house physician Dr. Taangmare on whether the man’s symptoms are a cause of concern. He said, “Given the current climate across the globe, this is definitely worrisome. It starts with fever and is most often accompanied by cough and cold. Just to make it clear, If fever is Salman then cough and cold are Sohail and Arbaaz respectively. Since there is no medicine to treat it currently, all we can do is manage the symptoms.”

A team of medical professionals are now going through the mans phone calls and Whatsapp messages to find out details of his contacts.

Telecom Minister Ravishankar Prasad assured citizens that this was one off case and there is no evidence that the disease spreads through smartphones.

RPI President Ramdas Athavale too shared his cure to deal with the caller tune virus. “Caller tune shuru hone se pehle. Ek baar zor se Go Corona bolo. Toh aapko koi khatra nahi hai,” he said while speaking to our reporter.