Monday, 6th April, 2020


After constructing wall to hide slums, Govt officials distribute Fair n Lovely to locals to make them look fair for Trump's visit

19, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

It seems Govt officials in Gujarat are doing their best to please US President Donald Trump and his better half Melania. After constructing a wall to hide slums, Govt officials were seen distributing tubes of Fair n Lovely to locals so that they have a fairer complexion just in time for Trumps visit. The  men were given Fair and Lovely Mens while women were given the regular Fair and Lovely.

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Speaking to Faking News, an official on condition of anonymity said, “The US President is visiting the country next week and we are doing all our best to make a good impression. Some of the locals were a shade darker than usual. That wouldn’t look good when Trump’s entourage passed this way. So we are distributing Fair n Lovely because the cream promises bedaag goarapan sirf saat dino mein. And we have hardly any time left.”

Many locals refused to apply the cream and put up a show for the President. “We have other important issues to deal with. There are not civic amenities here and they want us to slather that fairness cream. Kagaz Nahi Dikhayenge aur Cream Nahi Lagayenge,” screamed a vegetable vendor, clearly signalling that locals are put up a fight.

Govt officials however are in no mood for any rebellion drama that seeks to stymie their efforts. “If they refuse to apply the cream, then we will forcibly take them to a beauty parlor and get their facial done,” the official added.

Meanwhile, the opposition took this opportunity to target PM Modi once again. While speaking to the press, Rahul Gandhi took jibes at the PM for going out of his way for Trump’s visit. “Our PM is obsessed with fair skin. That is why he visits foreign countries so often. Aur isliye woh mehenge visedhi mushroom bhi khate hai gora dikhne ke liye,” said the ex-President of the Congress Party.