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Road contractor says he is better than BCCI curators, claims that roads re-laid last till lunch session

02, Mar 2017 By dasu

Pune: After India lost the first test match to Australia in only three days, the focus is right now on Maharashtra Cricket Association stadium pitch curator, Pandurang Salgaonkar and BCCI chief curator Daljit Singh. Cricket lovers who booked ticket for five days of the test match and many others who have already planned their Sunday in front of TV and applied for sick leave on Monday are asking some tough questions to these two curators. Why they prepared such a pitch which was playing so well only when Australians batted, looked venomous when Indians batted.

road contractor
BCCI curators can check this out for some inspiraiton

One such person is Prakash Chavan who works as a contractor for Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). While speaking to us, Prakash said, “I have handled so many projects in Pune. You can go ahead and check. Not a single project you will find the roads my company would have re-laid, did not last till lunch time. Such kind of shoddy work only BCCI curators will do, we will never do(sic).”

“I booked ticket for five days because Mr. Salgaonkar himself said ‘ball will fly’ and match will last full five days. Now when we are asking tough questions he is saying talk to Daljit Singh, the chief curator, BCCI,” added Mr. Prakash.

“In our profession as you know we pay so much bribes. If the construction quality is bad, we do not pass the blame to PMC officials who would have got so much from me. Ulta, same PMC officials warn me and threaten to cancel my license. Not just that they’d add me to blacklist too. I am sure BCCI will teach Mr. Salgaonkar a proper lesson from running away from his collective responsibility,” said Mr. Prakash.

While Mr. Salgaonkar did not answer our call, Mr. Daljit Singh came forward and said, “As if this is something BCCI did for first time for the team. If India would have won, curator would have expected some ‘gift’ from Indian captain by now. Yes, these Australians players including their former players and media would have blamed the pitch. We have a simple answer, when you travel to subcontinent, you need to be prepared for such pitches”.

Meanwhile, BCCI is planning to make Sourav Ganguly as chief curator so that he supervises pitch preparation to match his predictions.