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Continuing the arch rivalry, Mumbaikar gives Delhiite a tough competition by not taking a bath for seven days

28, Dec 2015 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai: The desi arch rivals are in another stand-off, to decide who is better than whom by competing against each other in an entirely new kind of battle where the person who goes without bathing for maximum number of days would be declared as the winner.

Mumbaikar reacts to water after 7 days of no shower
Mumbaikar reacts to water after 7 days of no shower

The winter season, commonly known as alternate-day-bath-season has rocked North and Central India and surprisingly has covered some parts of Western India as well.

So to decide which city has better winters, sane people from both the metropolitans have adjudicated that the person with longest streak of not taking a bath would give his city a lead over other.

Changu Nahadhokar from Mumbai, contrary to his name has claimed that he has not taken a bath since last Sunday.

Talking to our correspondents Changu told with a stinky smell, “I was desperately waiting for winters to show those dudes from Delhi that we are not less than them. Even we feel cold and can survive by not bathing daily. Though my colleagues and friends are unhappy and being unkind for this act of mine but I still want to prove them that even we possess the qualities of becoming a Roadie.”

Bhangu Roznahata, Changu’s counterpart from Delhi was also available for comments.

“I am holding this record of not bathing in winters since last 3 years. Being an engineering student it’s not a tough task for me. My teachers and Hostel warden identifies me by my smell. This Changu will face a nasty defeat,” said Bhangu while applying Fogg deodorant on his body.

Meanwhile, the soap companies have started facing huge losses as the demand for bathing soaps have reduced drastically specially in the Northern Region.

On the other hand, boom is expected to hit Deodorant industry where the demand has risen significantly, all thanks to the winter season.